Skyrim Modding Guide 2.3

This guide is completely unofficial and is in no way associated with Bethesda Softworks LLC.
Skyrim is © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.

Last Updated: April 21st, 2013 AEST



Thanks for checking out this guide, it lists over 290 hand-picked and thoroughly tested modifications to make Skyrim the best it can be.

It only lists compatible mods and supports the very latest version of the PC game Skyrim, 1.9.

It assumes you have basic PC knowledge and have installed and played PC games before. All the software referenced in this guide is completely safe and freeware.

Please Note: This guide is inspired by the STEP (Skyrim Total Enhancement Project) guide made by TheCompiler.

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System Requirements

Please check that your PC meets or exceeds the below system requirements before continuing this guide.



Getting Started

  1. Check that your PC meets or exceeds the above system requirements for Skyrim
  2. Install Skyrim on your PC (downloaded or retail) on the fastest hard disk you have in your PC


Modifications (mods) are additional files you can download that add to or change a game. Mods can range from textures, characters, armours and weapons to even brand new levels.

Mods can be downloaded and installed manually or using a Mod Manager application to simplify the process of updating mods and tracking them.

Although Skyrim has an official mod synchronization functionality called the Steam Workshop, for convenience I personally recommend that you use the Nexus Mod Manager instead. It helps with keeping your mod list clean and the Nexus Mod community is really great.

To get started:

  1. Register a new account on Nexus Network
  2. Once registered, log into your newly created account
  3. Download and install the Nexus Mod Manager
  4. Run the Nexus Mod Manager you just installed

Latest News

Depreciated Mods

Mods can become unnecessary over time and plugins can then be safely disabled in you mod order list.

You should disable:

Plugins that require TES5Edit cleaning

Mods that have been outdated or replaced

Recommended Mods

To qualify for this list of mods they need to be of great quality, completely lore-friendly, useful and downloadable using the Nexus Mod Manager. And of course they cannot be nude or inappropriate mods.

Preparations before modding:

SKSE - download and extract all files (except the "src" folder) into your Skyrim game folder

The above script tool is leveraged by some mods to extend the scripting ability in Skyrim.

Please Note: I do not suggest that you install the official Skyrim: High Resolution Texture Pack as people have reported many issues with it, changes are negligible and on top of that the below mods do much better replacement textures anyway.

I recommended that you install the latest versions of these mods using the Nexus Mod Manager in order from top to bottom.



To install a mod go to its web page and then click the “Files” tab and click the “Download with Manager” button for latest available version (top of page).

If you are warned by the Nexus Mod Manager that files conflict simply click “Yes to All”.

Mod Description
Better Bows Adds more bows with unique looks and statistics
Unique Shapes for Unique Weapons Makes each unique weapon have their own unique form
Insanity's Dragonbane Makes the Dragonbane Katana unique in appearance
Immersive Weapons Adds many new craftable weapons Recently Added
Crossbow Explosive Bolts Visualized Makes explosive bolts appear different by type Recently Added
Alternate Blade of Woe Makes the Blade of Woe better looking Recently Added
Insanitys Red Eagles Bane Makes the Red Eagle's Bane better looking Recently Added
Staves of Skyrim Adds new magical staves (plural of magical staff)
Unique Region Names Adds 24 regions that override the default "Skyrim" display name
Unique Region Names - Dragonborn Adds region names for the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
No More Mine Pests Prevents spiders, draugrs and forswarn spawning after completing 3 particular quests (lore and realism friendly)
SkyUI Improves Skyrim's User Interface (menus)
Extended Slider Colors Extends the choice of colours in the race menu
Gauldur Amulet Fix Fixes clipping of the amulet and all fragments
Race Description Info Adds more information to the race choice menu
Achieve That Adds a great achievement system to Skyrim Recently Added
Alternate Visuals for Spell Effects Improves the appearance of effects for spell cloaks and hides Recently Added
Skill Interface Retexture Drastically improves the skill interface
XBox 360 Controller Icons Improves the ingame icons if you are using an XBox 360 Controller New Mod

This mod is made by me :D (Shameless Self-Promotion)

Fhaarkas Font Replacement Drastically improves all fonts

Make sure you backup your Translate_ENGLISH.txt file first! It is located in your "skyrim/Data/Interface" folder. VERY IMPORTANT!

Immersive Armours Adds great new armours Recently Added
Face Masks Adds face masks to Skyrim, appropriate for use in the Dragonguard DLC Recently Added
Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade Fixes bugs and incorrect settings for Skyrim's weapons and armors New Mod
Nordic Hunter Light Armor Light armour suitable for any hunter-based character
Proper Length Arrows Improves the length of arrows to the real world length
Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improves many static meshes
Fixed Mannequins Fixes the mesh of mannequins (incorrect underwear texture)
Lockpick Inventory Remodel Fixes the low resolution 3d model of the lockpick when viewing one in your inventory
Studded Imperial Armor Fix Fixes a small issue with the light Imperial armor and studded Imperial armor UV maps
Realistic Teeth Makes all NPC teeth more detailed Recently Added Large Download
Thinner Weapon Blades Fixes the thickness of weapon blades to be far more reasonable
Ambient Seagulls Alters the shore line sound by adding seagull cries (and additional distant waves)
FSS - Better Bards Improves timing of bard singing
Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe Improves the sound of drawing and sheathing a blade
Main Menu Music Replacer – Malukah Vastly better main menu music
Better Sounding Longhammer Vastly improves the sound for the weapon “Longhammer”
Better Horse Pain Sounds Vastly improves horse pain sounds (much quieter)
Solitude No Sewer Sound Disables the sewer sound in Solitude (improves immersion)
Icebreakers Improved Reverb Improves the audio reverb settings of suitable locations in Skyrim (caves etc)
No More Annoying Skeleton Sound Removes an annoying sound skeletons can make Recently Added
LNS Less Noisy Sounds Fixes the audio loudness of some really loud sound files Recently Added
Dragon Hit Sound Fix Makes the dragon hit sound nicer Recently Added
No Sneak Attack Sound Removes the annoying "Thud" sound when you perform sneak attacks Recently Added
Improved Combat Sounds Improves combat sounds Recently Added
Quieter Animal Steps Makes animal steps sounds quieter Recently Added
Clanking Armour Changes footsteps sound while wearing plate or metal armor Recently Added
Realistic Crossbow Sounds Improves the shot sound of crossbows in the Dawnguard DLC Recently Added
Improved Horse Step Sounds Improves the sounds of horses clopping their hooves Recently Added
Quiet Collision Sounds Fixes up the collision sounds to be a realistic loudness Recently Added
Underwater Swimming SFX Fix Removes high pitched splashes when swimming underwater
Bowlegged Jump Animation Fix Improves jump animation
3rd Person Dual Wield Animation Fix Fixes the animation for 3rd person view while dual wielding
The Dance of Death Adds more killmoves to the various combat types Recently Added
Animated Weapon Enchants Adds animation to weapon enchantments
The Pines of Whiterun Adds various pines and ferns to Whiterun
Dynamic Depth of Field Adds dynamic depth of field to add a more cinematic experience
Epic Companion Compilation Improves the appearance of the player’s major companions
Belrand New Strength Improves the appearance of the companion called Belrand
Birds and Flocks Adds many more birds that fly away when startled, circling birds of prey and bats in caves
Lush Grass Makes grass fuller and more lush
Remove Ambient Interior Fog Removes the ambient fog from all interior locations
Revamped Exterior Fog Modifies the exterior fog to be thinner and further away
Open Faced Guard Helmets Changes guard helmets to an open faced version
Ultra Realistic World Lighting Fixes Skyrim’s bland lighting to be more realistic and colourful
Roosters at Dawn Some roosters crow at dawn when you are in an appropriate area
Magic Lights Realtime Shadows Changes magic lights' radius from 450 to 850 and adds realtime shadows
Birds of Skyrim Populates Skyrim with more kinds of birds; including crows, pheasants, pigeons, seagulls, grouses, sparrows, ravens, roosters etc
Chimneys for Skyrim Adds Chimneys to appropriate buildings around Skyrim (including Riverwood)

Install "ChimneysForSkyrimRW" Version

Khajiit Speak Boosts immersion by editing dialogues to suit the Khajiit way of speaking.

Only activate this mod in NMM when playing as a Khajiit character (cat race)

Dynamic Fires Allows one to ignite and extinguish campfires by using fire and frost spells
Dragonsreach Wine Glitch Simply removes an single annoying wine bottle on the floor in Dragonsreach
Better Skyrim Intro Adds a simple and more interesting intro video for Skyrim

Backup your original "BGS_Logo.bik" video file in "DataVideo" first. Use "Better Skyrim Intro UHQ" Version.

Hunters Cabin of Riverwood Adds a great free player home near Riverwood Recently Added
Footprints Adds footprints for all NPCs and the player Recently Added
The 418th Step Upon the 418th step of High Hrothgar it now has an inscription carved upon its surface (lore-friendly)
Antz in my Pantz Makes ant colonies in Skyrim more common and higher quality Recently Added
No Stretching Corrects meshes of floors that appear stretched Recently Added
Destructible Bottles Makes bottles destructible Recently Added
Better Hair Meshes Improves the meshes for character hair Recently Added
Wet and Cold Adds dynamic wet and cold related effects Recently Added
Wet and Cold Ashes Adds nice ash effects Recently Added
Improved Firey Fire Salts Improves the appearance of Fire Salts Recently Added
Improved Glowing Glowdust Improves the appearance of Glowdust Recently Added
Improved Frosty Frost Salts Improves the appearance of Frost Salts Recently Added
Skaal Kid Aeta Coat Gives a kid-sized Skaal parka for an NPC in the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
More Plants and Recipes for Hearthfire Adds more plant options for Heartfire house planting Recently Added
Player Headtracking Makes you character's head face characters properly Recently Added
Enhanced Cities Improves the appearance of cities Recently Added
Dynamic Naming Assigns appropriate names to many non-named NPCs Recently Added
Interesting NPCs Adds plenty of new NPCs throughout Skyrim Recently Added Large Download
Dragonborn Fog Distance Fixes the fog distance in the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
Beast Skeletons Adds new types of skeletons for Argonians, Khajiits, Orcs and Elves Recently Added
Solstheim Extended - Tel Mythrin Improves the location called Tel Mythrin in the Dragonborn DLC New Mod
Solstheim Extended - Skaal Village Improves the village of Skall in the Dragonborn DLC New Mod
Solstheim Climate Overhaul Vastly improves the climate in Solstheim, requires the Dragonborn DLC New Mod
Filled Pots Adds food to cooking pots New Mod
Immersive Disease Descriptions Vastly better descriptions for diseases New Mod
Lore-Based Loading Screens Adds more than 160 new loading screen texts
Better Quest Objectives Alters quest objectives to have more information
Even Better Quest Objectives Alters question objectives to have even more information Recently Added
Better Sorting Renames many items so they sort better
8 Favorites (Extended Version) Adds quick save and hotkeys for a XBOX 360 controller

Install only if you use an XBOX 360 controller on your PC

Clams Drop Pearls Clams have a chance of dropping a pearl when harvested
Realistic Ragdolls and Force Makes impacted or forced characters realistic movement
Weightless Soulgems Changes soul gems to be weightless

Better Sorting Ranked v2_0 Version

Breezehome Ladder Fix Fixes up the annoying Breezehome ladder blocking issue
Improved Skill Books Adds the skill name to the end of skill book names
Improved Container Names Vastly better container names (barrels, sacks etc.)
House Map Markers Adds more map markers for commonly visited houses
Spellbreaker Material Fix Redefines the shield “Spellbreaker” as a dwarven shield, allowing it to be improved to legendary quality
Better Follower Dialogue Vastly improves the order and logic of follower dialog
Height Adjusted Races with True Giants Vastly improves the heights of races, giants and beasts

"Height Adjusted Races with True Giants" Version

Lydia Loop Fix Fixes an annoying bug in Breezehome for Lydia’s movement
Less Bitchy Lydia Changes Lydia’s "I am sworn to carry your burdens" line to "What do you want me to carry?” (far less bitchy and annoying)
More Salt Please Adds more salt to the selling list of vendors
Faster Mining Fixes mining to be faster and less of a hassle
Firewood - Ingot - Ore Weight Reduction Alters the weight of firewood, ingot and ore
Ingredient Reweight Fixes the weight of some ingredients that logically should be lighter
Cooking Expanded Adds many new cooking recipes and foods
Yngol Barrow Button Fix Fixes the broken button in Yngol by adding in a working pull-chain
Arrow Tweaks Tweaks arrows to fly faster, be more available when looting etc

After install the "Dragon Bone Weapons Complete v1-03 -- Compatibility Patch"

Rebalanced Dwarven Clutter Changes the weights of dwarven clutter, like dwarven scrap metal
Unofficial Skyrim Patch Fixes a vast number of game bugs

Unofficial Skyrim Patch 1_0 BSA Version

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch Fixes many bugs in the official DLC, Dragonborn Recently Added
Unoffical Hearthfire Patch Fixes many bugs in the offical DLC, Heartfire Recently Added
More Village Animals Adds more animals to villages
BLESSINGS - Altar Descriptions Adds "reward descriptions" to the altars of the nine gods throughout Skyrim
Expanded Skyrim Presets Adds many new presets to Skyrim's character creation menu
Misc Items Reweighting Changes the weight of many misc annoyingly heavy items
No Spinning Death Animation Removes the spinning around dance animation that before the player's death and simply ragdolls to the ground instead
Move it Dammit Increases the distance that Companions and Creatures walk to when being "Bumped"
Follower Trap Safety Followers and summoned creatures no longer trigger bear traps, pressure plates and trip wires
Executioners Axe - Fixed Fixes various issues with the Executioner's Axe
Cicero Distance Fix Fixes the player distance for the follower "Cicero".
Gourds as Ingredients Adds a "prepared gourd" as an alchemical ingredient
Elk Hide Differentiates elk hides from deer hides realistically for weight and value
Miners Clothes Variant Fix Fixes the texture set on the miner variant clothes for the male miners
Acquisitive Soul Gems Fixes soul gems such that, when they are filled with a correctly-sized soul the charge will "stick" from that point on
Bullseye Perk Fix Fixes the perk "Bullseye".
Performance and Crash Prevention Improves overall performance by purging buffer cells

Load this plugin last in your list (after running BOSS)

Kace Auto Loot Automatic looting of common pickup items Recently Added
Status Adds basic statistics to a nice MCM Menu Recently Added
Better Stealth AI for Followers Improves the AI for followers to behave stealthily Recently Added
Traps Make Noise Makes traps trigger a sound event that notifies near enough enemies Recently Added
Distant Decal Fix Fixes decals in the distance Recently Added
Harvest Overhaul Players recieve random realistic amounts of ingredients from harvesting Recently Added
Atlas Map Markers Adds many new map markers Recently Added
Think To Yourself Messages Makes many messages in-game more immersive by making them personal (the "I" tense) Recently Added
A Simple Marriage Mod Adds the ability to divource spouses Recently Added
Companion Valfar Adds a new Stormcloak male warrior companion Recently Added
Companion Hoth Adds a new male Nordic companion Recently Added
Dynamic Things Adds dynamic behaviour to some mundane clutter items Recently Added
Fires Hurt Makes fires burn you and cause damage Recently Added
Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed Makes your movement more natural and realistic Recently Added
Point the Way Adds more sign posts in game so that you can refer to the map less often Recently Added
Bring Out Your Dead Adds more graves to sparese graveyards Recently Added
When Vampires Attack Changes NPC behaviour for when vampires attack cities (they run inside houses) Recently Added
Better MessageBox Controls Lets you navigate the message boxes with the keyboard properly Recently Added
Better Dialog Controls Patches the controls of the dialogue interface Recently Added
Truly Harvest Antlers Makes the elk and deer models change once the player takes the antlers from a carcass Recently Added
Better Alchemy Drops Makes alchemy ingredient drops more realistic New Mod
Weightless Alchemy Ingredients Makes alchemy ingredients weightless, requires Dragonborn DLC DLC Required New Mod
Heart of the Beast Adds better textures and sounds for werewolves New Mod
Dragonborn House Map Marker Adds a map marker for the player house in the Dragonbron DLC DLC Required New Mod
Grammar Hammer Fixes grammatical errors appearing in loading screens and messages
Dawnguard Normalmap LOD Vastly improves the normal map for the distant texture of Castle Volkihar Recently Added
Dawnguard Vampire Armors Retexture Much nicer textures for Vampire armours Recently Added
Alduins Wall Retexture Beautiful retexture of Alduins Wall Recently Added
Dawnguard Fortress Retextured Much nicer textures for the Dawnguard Fortress Recently Added
Burnt Corpses Interesting textures for burnt corpses Recently Added
Carts Better textures for carts Recently Added
Overgrowth Detail Better textures for the moss and roots found in most dungeons Recently Added
Statues of Skyrim Better textures for statues Recently Added
Door Retextures Better textures for doors Recently Added
Dragonborn DLC Creatures Pack Better textures for Dragonborn creatures Recently Added
Skyrim HD - 2K Textures Vastly improves SO MANY textures

Caution: This file is a HUGE download, install the LITE version if you have a less powerful PC

Animal and Creature Pack Improves a lot of animals textures
Xenius Character Enhancement Significantly improves character textures
101BugsHD Improves the texture quality and variety of insects, such as butterflies and moths
A Quality World Map Improves the world map texture
Better Decapitation Gore Improves the texture quality for decapitation gore
Better Dynamic Snow Improves the texture for dynamic snow
Skyrim Performance PLUS Vastly improves performance for low importance effects

Pine, Rainfall, Snowfall and Aspen Leaves

Creepy Nightmother and Coffins Makes Nightmothers and their coffins more creepy

Gore Version

Accingite Vos - Shields HQ Retextures Vastly improves texture for most shields
Shield of Ysgramor Vastly improves texture for the Shield of Ysgramor
AOF Believable Hair Vastly improved texture for male and female hair
Better Circlets HQ Vastly Improves circlets
Better Bedrolls Improves texture for bedrolls
Burial Urn Retexture Improves the burial urn texture
Covereyes Vastly improves all eye textures

"eyes 1" Version

Coverkhajiits Vastly improves the look of Khajiits (cat race)

Male and Female

Deadly Spell Impacts Vastly improves spell impacts
Detailed Chests Vastly improves textures for loot chests

Rich Version

Detailed Guard Shields and Banners Vastly improves shield and banner textures

"Worn Detailed Guard Shields and Banners" Version

Divine Shrines Improves shrine textures
Dramatic Clouds Improves all types of cloud formations
Enchantment Effect Replacer Replaces the texture applied to enchanted weapons

Letters Random Version

Enhanced Blood Textures Vastly improves blood textures
Enhanced Distant Terrain Improves distant terrain

HD Version

Falmer Clutter Texture Mod Improves Falmer clutter textures
Finer Dust Improves dust clouds found in caves and abandoned forts
Glaciers Retextured Vastly improves glacier textures to be more icy and more detailed
HD Baskets Retextured Vastly improves basket textures
HD Linens Vastly improves linen textures
HD Rabbits Plus Improves rabbit textures and adds rabbit species
HD Sacks Retexture Improves textures for sacks

HDSacks14TypeBBig, HDSacks14TypeBSmall

HD Urns Improves textures of urns
HQ College of Winterhold Improves College of Winterhold textures
HQ Milkyway Galaxy Improves starred sky textures
HQ Towns and Villages Improves town and village textures
Hvergelmirs Armor Retexture Improves textures for fur, iron and banded iron armours

High Quality BSA Version

Hvergelmirs Shield Retexture Improves shield textures

High Quality BSA Version

Improved Candles Improves the texture for candles

candle_naturalbeige Version

Improved Foot-wraps Vastly improves the foot-wraps for female characters
Improved NPC Clothing Vastly improves NPC Clothing

Improved NPC Clothing_1_8_1, INPCC_Expansion pack_1_1 Versions

Intricate Spider Webs Improves spider web textures
KenMOD - Item Icons Adds some item icons to the inventory
Millenia Weapon Retexture Project Vastly improves textures of iron and steel weapons
Not Really HD Keys Improves texture for keys

"With Normal Maps" Version

HD Display Case Improves the display case texture

Smudged Glass Version

Pick Axe HD Improves texture of the pickaxe
Pond Fish Retexture Improves the colours of pond fish
Realistic Paper Makes paper much more realistic
Re-Defined Dungeons WIP Vastly improves dungeon textures
Ruins Urn Retexture Improves ruins urn textures further
Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons Vastly improves textures for potions and poisons

Ceramic Style Version

Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar Vastly improves wine cellar textures

Ceramic Style Version

Coin Replacer Replaces coins with far better textures
Flora Overhaul Significantly improves textures for plants and shrubbery

SFO - Summer Edition v175
4096x4096 Aspen Leaves
Diverse Trees Expanded v12

Souly Gems Retexture Significantly better textures for soul gems
Super Realistic Ore Textures Significantly improves ore textures
Target Retexture Significantly improves the texture for the archery target
Vibrant Auroras Vastly improves auroras in the sky
Visible Windows Vastly improves textures for windows
Pilgrims Delight Vastly improves Throat of the World plaques
Legible Road Signs Vastly improves road signs
Maker's Mark Ingots Marks processed ingots appropriately
Ash Pile Retexture Vastly improves ash piles

Version 1

Dragon Glyphs HD Vastly improves dragon glyphs

Dragon Smooth Version

Lock-picking Interface Retexture Vastly improves the lock-picking interface

“without wings around keyhole” Version

Better Freckles Vastly better freckles for the player
Better Bones Improves textures for skeletons and collectible dragon bones
Realistic Smoke and Embers Vastly improves smoke and embers textures
HD Dragon Priest Masks Improves Dragon Priest Mask textures
Hectrol Skyrim Logo Vastly improves the main menu Skyrim logo

“Hectrol_SKYRIM_LOGO_Deluxe_HighRes_Retex” Version

Better Shadowmarks Improves shadowmarks
Alchemy and Enchanting Tables Retextured Improves alchemy and enchanting table textures

Version 2

HD Imperial Tower Vastly improves the texture for imperial towers
HD Spider Nest Vastly improves the texture for spider nests
HD Mudcrabs Vastly improves the texture for mud crabs
The Eyes Of Beauty Adds new eye textures for both males and females on the eye slider

Replacer Version

Chopper AXE Vastly improves the texture for axes
WATER (Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux) Vastly improves water-related textures
HD Imperial Sword Improves the texture of the imperial sword
Realistic Instruments Vastly improves the textures of the drum and the flute
Bumpy Inn and Shop Signs Vastly improves the bumpiness of inn and shop signs

7z Version

Hybrid’s HD Plants and Herbs Vastly improves the texture for plants and herbs
Advanced Alloys - Greatsword Improves dwarven greatsword texture

"Galvanized" Version

Advanced Alloys - Bow and Quiver Improves dwarven bow texture
Advanced Alloys - Sword Improves dwarven sword texture

"Galvanized" Version

Iron Arrow Head Retexture Improves the texture for iron arrowheads
Steel Arrow Head Retexture Improves the texture for steel arrowheads
Dwarven Metal Ruins Makes Dwarven ruins made from metal, not stone (lore friendlier)
Nordic Ruins Clutter Improvement Vastly improves the textures for Nordic Ruin clutter
High Quality Food and Ingredients Changes the textures of foods and some ingredients

Install before "Static Mesh Improvement Mod" and install optional file after

Not Really HD Rings Retextures rings to show a little more detail
Whiterun Trellis Redesigned Fixes the really ugly trellis textures in Whiterun

"4096" Version

Colourful God Amulets Re-colors god amulets (Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Mara etc)

This mod is made by me :D (Shameless Self-Promotion)

2K High Resolution Map Improves the texture of the scroll game map
Gold Coin Replacer Retextures the gold coin (Skyrim Septim)
REAL Glass Weapons Improves the appearance of glass weapons by adding a nice level of transparency
REAL Glass Armor and Shields Improves the appearance of glass armour and shields by adding a nice level of transparency
Better Skeever Vastly improves the texture of the skeever
HD Retextered Dawnbreaker Retextures the "Dawnbreaker" sword
Elemental Staffs Retextures all elemental staves to give staves more detail and uniqueness
Town Guards Armor Retexture Makes each town have different armour to eachother (faction relevant)
Bandits Wear Helmets Bandits can now correctly spawn with a 50% chance of wearing a helmet
Orc Shield and Weapons Match Reduces the green hues Orc shields to match the rest of the armor set
Hi-Res Pelts Improves the pelts on the walls in taverns, on beds, on floors, etc to be high resolution and look more real.
HD Cinematic Fire Effects Adjusts flames and explosions to be starker and higher resolution
Hvergelmirs Steel Armory Adds HD versions of steel weapons and armours Recently Added
Serious Mammoth Bone Retex HD Improves the quality of Mammoth Bones Recently Added
Less Ruined Books Makes ruined and burned books look less ruined and burned
Unique High Definition Textures Brings some uniqueness to Skyrim Recently Added
Stone Quarries Retextured Makes the Hearthfire DLC's stone quarries nice Recently Added
Giant Lichen Retexture Makes Giant Lichen more colourful Recently Added
Elven Weapons for Silence Makes Elven Weapons beautiful Recently Added
Elaborate Textiles Adds nice details to NPC clothing
XCE Brows Improves the quality of eyebrows
High Definition Ivy Improves the quality of the ivy that hangs/grows on stone wallsRecently Added
Improved Glowdust Improves the appearance of glowdustRecently Added
Improved Firesalt Improves the appearance of firesaltRecently Added
Mystery Modders Shrines Improves the quality of shrinesRecently Added
Trees HD Improves details of treesRecently Added
Enhanced HD Dragon Bones Improves the quality of dragon bonesRecently Added
Spellbreaker Dragonborn Edition Makes the Spellbreaker shield better lookingRecently Added
Book of Silence Improves quality armour and weapons Recently Added
Realistic Mushrooms Makes mushroom more realistic in appearanceRecently Added
HQ Beards Improves the quality of beards
Detailed Rugs Improves the quality of rugs Recently Added
Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored Makes the Brotherhood tenets readable Recently Added
Hectrol Dwarven Shield A high quality dwarven shield retexture Recently Added
Realistic Tundra Moss Improves the quality of tundra moss Recently Added
Slightly Less Terrible Hanging Herbs Improves the quality of hanging herbs Recently Added
Ultra HD Silver Sword Better quality silver sword texture Recently Added
Ivory Armor Retexture Improves the ivory armor Recently Added
Tents Retexture Improves the quality of tents Recently Added
XCE Warpaint and Dirt Improves the quality of warpaint and dirt Recently Added
Ash Spawn Retexture Ash spawn retexture for the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
Spriggan Retexture Spriggan retexture Recently Added
Deathbell Retexture Deathbell flowers retexture Recently Added
High Definition Bread Improves the quality of bread to be baked and llok really nice Recently Added
Solstheim Landscape Improves the quality of some of the landscape found in the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
Normal Map Fix for Snowelfruins Fixes the normal map texture for snowfelruins in the DLC Dawnguard
Vampire Improved Normals Improves the normal maps for Dawnguard vampires
Slofs Better Trolls Better textures for Trolls Recently Added
Thieves Guild Major Retex Improves the appearance of the Theives Guide armours Recently Added
Sexy Boats Improves the textures of boats Recently Added
Imperial Texture Overhaul Vastly improves textures for Imperial style weapons, armours and sheildsNew Mod
Snowy Thicket Improves the appearance of snowy thicket bushes Recently Added
The Walking Dead Vastly improves the appearance of Draugrs Recently Added
Solstheim Texture Overhaul Vastly improves landscape textures in the Dragonborn DLC Recently Added
Skyrim Effects Project Improves the appearance of miscellaneous effects like candle flames, torch embers etc Recently Added

This mod is made by me :D (Shameless Self-Promotion)

Hanging Moss Improves the appearance of both green and blue hanging moss Recently Added

This mod is made by me :D (Shameless Self-Promotion)

Improved Dawnguard Vampire Eyes Vastly improves the textures for vampire eyes New Mod
Ultra HD Hrothmunds Axe Improves the look of Hrothmund's Axe in the Dragonborn DLC New Mod
ZX Eyes Makes character eye textures for all races far more realistic New Mod
Metal Cage HD Vastly improves the texture of metal cages New Mod
Telvanni Reborn A complete re-texture of Telvanni, found in the Dragonborn DLC New Mod
Torture Rack HD Vastly improves the texture of torture racks New Mod
Ancient Falmer Armor HD Vastly improves the texture of the Ancient Falmer armour New Mod
Practice Dummys Improves textures for practice dummys New Mod
Ultra HD Hrothmunds Axe Improves the texture of Hrothmund's Axe New Mod
XCE Dawnguard Improves textures for Dawnguard vampires

Be sure to check out my tweak guide for Skyrim as well :D

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